family sponge

Family Sponge is a playground for parents— inspiring families to live a balanced, adventurous and healthy life. Launched in 2011, Jadah Sellner and Jen Hansard are two sorta-crunchy mamas that invite you to absorb the good. “Every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day.” So drink some happy juice (we love a good green smoothie mustache), start doing the happy dance, and come play with us!

Our Mission

Inspire families to take baby steps towards eco-friendly living, a plant-based diet, believing “less is more”, and advocating for environmental protection, social justice and some more love in the world.

Teach parents new ways of doing old things— like taking family bike rides, reusing things before we buy new, unplugging the TV, and spending quality time with our kids.

Eliminate the self-doubt that comes along with parenting, so you can free yourself from the feeling that you are not enough. When the parents are happy, the kids are happy. Period.

family sponge

Jadah Sellner: Founder / Editor

Jadah is an acknowledged leader in parent education and child development. As a child and health educator, Jadah coaches families to make immediate and profound changes in their lives and their childrens’ lives to reach optimal levels of love, respect and healthy communication. Since 2000, businesses, non-profit community organizations, school programs, parents and young students have enjoyed the warmth and energy of Jadah’s dedication and presentations. When Jadah is not having an affair with her laptop and “working”, you can find her rocking out with her daughter Zoe or secretly devouring her carb nemesis– mashed potatoes. Check out Jadah’s Top 12 List for Parents with Preschoolers here.


Jen Hansard: Founder / Art Director

Jen is the creative force behind Family Sponge and Hansard Studio (a design studio that specializes in websites and all  things pretty.) Jen also holds the proud title of work-from-home mom to two preschool-age children, and is hopelessly addicted to Starbucks, Craigslist and her husband Ryan. She has been on an 8-year journey towards simple living and currently finds herself  TV-free, using homemade coconut oil/baking soda toothpaste and running errands on her bike with the kids towed behind her.

Check out Jen’s Top 12 List for New Parents here and fall in love with her thrifty finds in her home filled with 99% second-hand treasures.


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