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Jadah is an acknowledged leader in parent education and child development. As a child and health educator, Jadah coaches families to make immediate and profound changes in their lives and their childrens’ lives to reach optimal levels of love, respect and healthy communication. Since 2000, businesses, non-profit community organizations, school programs, parents and young students have enjoyed the warmth and energy of Jadah’s dedication and presentations.
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Introducing the Green Smoothie Challenge eBook!

  Do you struggle getting your kids to regularly eat green vegetables– especially the leafy kind? Jen and myself (Jadah) just got finished hosting a 30-Day Green Smoothie Challenge on our website Simple Green Smoothies. For 30 days of January, we shared inspiring photos and green smoothie recipes on Instagram, Facebook and with those who […]

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halloween craft

Halloween Craft Idea #4: Eggshell Ghost Mobile

Give your child free reign to draw ghost faces on reclaimed eggshells with permanent marker. I love how my daughter gave each ghost face their own unique facial features. This is the perfect Halloween decoration for your home or to hang up in a classroom. Check out how we used dental floss as our string to create […]

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Almond Butter and

Green Smoothie: Almond Butter and “Jelly”

Spinach and grapes are packed with antioxidants and phytonutrients— so this green smoothie is super healthy and yummy. No added sugar or water needed– this is a sweet take on a child’s classic sandwich filled with fresh fruit and leafy greens. Grapes are a low glycemic index fruit, so it has a better blood sugar […]

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Be yourself everyone else is already taken Oscar Wilde quote

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken”

As a mom, I find myself trying to rediscover who I was during my pre-mommy days. All though there are pieces that remain, I find it challenging (okay depressing) to keep up with all of my interests while juggling motherhood. And then add in Pinterest, awesome mommy blogs like The Pioneer Woman, and glaring eyes […]

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child on wood swing

6 Eco-friendly “toys” from Mother Nature

During our Family Sponge cardboard treehouse giveaway, we asked our readers to fill in the blank: “My favorite eco-friendly toy is _____________________________.”   I loved the responses from our readers. No one recommended their kids’ cool eco-friendly toy. Which makes me think that The Story of Stuff is on to something. Do we really need to buy […]

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using cloth napkins in a paperless kitchen

How to be more eco-friendly with a paperless kitchen

Have paper towels become your best friend in the kitchen? You usually use paper towels for just about everything – wiping up the counter, cleaning up pet mess, wiping your kids spaghetti sauce face, cleaning your bathroom mirrors. Have you noticed that paper towels are thin and you have to use a million of them […]

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summer bucket list ideas

30 summer bucket list ideas for summer fun!

Summer is here! I am inspired by The Happy Family Movement to create and display our summer bucket list in our home. This way our summer fun ideas are staring us right in the face all summer long. My list was a lot longer, but I decided to trim it down to make sure we […]

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children inspired design

Giveaway: Children Inspire Design World Map

Children Inspire Design… And Family Sponge are giving away a World Map from the My Roots Collection to one lucky reader! … try and WIN one, read on and enter below!

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Top 15 Must-Have Baby Products

Jasmine Carr-Edmund has the sweetest little 19-month-old daughter named Aubrey. Jasmine and I have known each other since we were nine-years-old. And now we are mommies immersed in the world of all things parenting. I asked Jasmine to share her list of favorite must-have baby products that she used as a first-time mommy. These are […]

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toddler fun with felt geometry board

DIY Tutorial: Toddler Fun With Felt

I just love this colorful felt board that introduces geometry to your toddler or preschooler. This DIY project lets you use your leftover crafty scraps, so your child can have hands-on fun with felt! This super-easy craft serves as room decor and a quiet activity for your kids. Here are some pictures, along with the […]

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