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Jen is the creative force behind Family Sponge. She graduated from California State Long Beach with a Bachelor’s in Graphic Design and a Bachelor’s in Journalism. In 2009 she launched Hansard Studio, a design boutique specializing in web design and event marketing. Jen also holds the proud title of stay-at-home mom to two preschool-age children, and is hopelessly addicted to Starbucks, Craigslist and her husband Ryan.
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Life Without a TV

  Note: This article was originally published in 2012, yet has changed to many lives that we felt the need to repost it. We hope you enjoy!   Life without a TV : Our Story Written by Jen Hansard, co-founder of Family Sponge and Simple Green Smoothies It was autumn of 2004 and I had just […]

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Small steps towards a healthier life

When I was pregnant with Jackson five years ago, I embarked on the healthy eating, natural living journey. The realization that I was bringing a person into the world opened my eyes and made me rethink what I was eating, buying and doing with my time. It wasn’t just about me and my hunky husband […]

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One-stop shop for craft ideas and supplies

This past year I have learned to embraced my artistic self. Heck, I went to art school for goodness sake! Now that I am out of the baby and toddler stages and into the preschool stage, I am able to really enjoy the crafts with my kids. Since working with The Kiwi Crate Studio, I have found tons of great craft […]

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The Compact: Not Buy Anything New for a Year

Our family has agreed to go another year without buying anything new. We did it in 2010 and it dramatically changed how we lived and what we put value on as a family. It rocked my world, but in an amazing way. It’s fun,  challenging and really makes you look at objects differently. Yet over the […]

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Importance of The Family Dinner

The Importance of the Family Dinner

Growing up, dinner was at 6pm and we all were there. No matter how busy our day was, it slowed down when we ate dinner together, talked about our day and filled our bodies with home-cooked food. Fast forward 25 years… 6pm rolls around and you may find us eating in the truck as we […]

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31 Bits

Giveaway: 31 Bits

I took an art class in college where we turned pieces of paper into beautiful things. We made intricate paper airplanes, two-story houses and 3-d objects— all from paper. Yet never once did I come up with something as beautiful as these necklaces made from paper beads. These Ugandan women are incredible artists. I am a huge fan of 31 Bits— not only […]

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soap nuts

Giveaway: Laundry Tree Soapnuts

What in the world are soapnuts? I asked myself this question last June when I stumbled upon Laundry Tree while looking for a homemade laundry detergent recipe. Turns out this 100% all natural Himilayan dried fruit (it’s actually not a nut) is an excellent alternative to traditional laundry detergents. And after six months of using soapnuts, I totally agree– they do work […]

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the honest company

Giveaway: The Honest Company

I remember the first time I stumbled upon The Honest Company — I immediately embraced their mission and impressive line of eco-friendly products. Making the world a better place is always high on my to-do list, and I love how The Honest Company did all the research so that I can feel good about buying their household […]

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kiwi crate

Giveaway: Kiwi Crate

Let the creativity flow with Kiwi Crate and their monthly box of crafts and activities. Our kids were all giddy when the bright green box showed up on the door. And I was truly blown away with all the high quality supplies and super creative activities inside each box— especially the heavy water color paper […]

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Giveaway: Yes To Carrots

We are big fans of Yes To and their organic fruit and veggie packed products. After finding them at Target last year, I have been hooked on their shampoo, conditioner, lip gloss and facial SPF. Now is your chance to fall in love with them too! We are giving away $100 worth of Yes To products, […]

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