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Jen is the creative force behind Family Sponge. She graduated from California State Long Beach with a Bachelor’s in Graphic Design and a Bachelor’s in Journalism. In 2009 she launched Hansard Studio, a design boutique specializing in web design and event marketing. Jen also holds the proud title of stay-at-home mom to two preschool-age children, and is hopelessly addicted to Starbucks, Craigslist and her husband Ryan.
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cuppow mason jar lid

Giveaway: Cuppow mason jar travel lid

Ready to win these adorable mason jar travel lids from Cuppow? I first saw them at a farmer’s market and instantly thought: “Genius!” They fit perfectly on a mason jar, look awesome and are great when hitting the road with your coffee in hand. The canning jar already makes an awesome platform for a travel mug: […]

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Christmas Tree made from Books

We have a slight obsession for books and old book stores (happened after we said adios to the TV). So this year we decided to bring our love of books to a whole new level by making a Christmas tree from them. I saw the idea on Facebook, and knew it was perfect for our […]

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diy play kitchen

DIY Play Kitchen (from old computer desk)

I always get a thrill out of Trash to Treasure projects— and this one is definitely one of my all-time favorites. Kaley from Dualey flipped an old particle board desk into an adorable play kitchen for her son. The details that they included in it are incredible— a nightlight in the oven, a pullout cutting board […]

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Make an Indian felt headband that will last!

Thanksgiving Craft Ideas to keep the kids entertained

I have been a crafting machine over at Kiwi Crate— and it sure is fun. I think doing crafts with the kids (and surrounding ourselves with twigs, pinecones and lots of felt)  helps the season feel more real. To help get into the Thanksgiving spirit with your kids, why not make some of these crafts. They are Jen-approved— which means they are simple […]

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Simple steps towards natural parenting

This post is brought to you by Yes To, an awesome company that makes natural skin and hair care products that actually work. Sign up for their newsletter to receive helpful tips and a 5% off coupon to use online at Yes To. I am always trying to find more ways my family can help the environment while not breaking […]

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halloween craft ideas

Halloween Craft Idea #6 : Q-Tip Skeleton

My fascination with anatomy started when my husband and I were dating in college and took a life drawing class together. Now with kids in the picture, we try share our passions with them— and art and anatomy are definitly in the mix. This simple craft really teaches kids a lot about what lies underneath […]

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Green Smoothie : Spinach + Pear + Banana

Fact: Most of my green smoothies turn out brownish-purple, army green or nasty brown (yes, that’s a real color name in my book). I’ve seen so many pictures of green smoothies on Pinterest that are a light green and they look so refreshing, healthy and well, like a green smoothie. So I decided to take […]

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bendable mummy

Halloween Craft idea #3: Bendable Mummy

This is hands-down my favorite Halloween craft we have done this year.  (And we have done quite a few now that we are collaborating with Kiwi Crate!) We took an old stained shirt from my son and cut it into strips. Then we wrapped it around a wire frame that we made from outdoor garden […]

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Natural Play Dough

Eco-friendly play dough

Play dough is a staple activity of most childhoods, including mine. I have memories of sitting at the kitchen table making Care-Bear and Rainbow Brite play dough figures with my sister. I even remember eating a pretend hamburger and being very surprised by the salty taste. Now that I have my own kids, I want […]

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green smoothie

Sweet Potato Green Smoothie Recipe

The produce in my CSA basket is changing colors just like the season. I can tell autumn is here because this week I got my first basket with sweet potatoes in it. We baked them all in the oven, ate some with butter and saved some for this week’s very special green smoothie recipe. I have been wanting to try this […]

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