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How Whimsy Can Turn Your Day Around

Written by Josh Solar of The Happy Family Movement You know those days when you pick up the kids from school and EVERYONE is grumpy GRUMPY (they’re REALLY grumpy) and you feel like you’re going to lose your mind? Yesterday was one of those days for us. The ride home from school was not pleasant. Yelling, […]

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Happy Family Movement Fun Fest!

5 Tips to an Awesome Fun Fest!

Written by Josh and Jenny Solar of The Happy Family Movement First off, what exactly is a Fun Fest you ask? Here’s the thing…it’s SO simple. You pick a day (we usually declare a fun fest the night before), and you do nothing but have fun! That’s it! We’ve done a few Fun Fests now, and […]

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The Solars of the Happy Family Movement on a beach in Caliornia.

Intentional Adventures

Written by contributor Josh Solar of The Happy Family Movement We talk a lot about adventurin’ in our house. Big, grand adventures— like our 5-month trek to Europe happening in late 2014/early 2015. But, sometimes, we get so caught up in trying to adventure HUGE that we miss out on the tiny adventures found wherever/whenever we […]

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