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Gardening with Kids

Written by Britney Manuel from BtanJerine and A Simply Raw Life When it comes to gardening I have the proverbial “black thumb of death”, a gardening mass murderer if you will. I think that plants come to my house specifically to live out their last days! That being said, I knew that I bit off more than I […]

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homemade dishwasher detergent

Homemade dishwasher detergent

Written by contributor Melissa Allen of Green Owl Art A little over a year ago when I was living in Los Angles I considered myself to be one of the more eco-friendly, earth loving, attachment parenting kind of momma’s. Then I moved to Portland, OR. These moms here are in an entire league of their own […]

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Christmas Tree made from Books

We have a slight obsession for books and old book stores (happened after we said adios to the TV). So this year we decided to bring our love of books to a whole new level by making a Christmas tree from them. I saw the idea on Facebook, and knew it was perfect for our […]

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diy play kitchen

DIY Play Kitchen (from old computer desk)

I always get a thrill out of Trash to Treasure projects— and this one is definitely one of my all-time favorites. Kaley from Dualey flipped an old particle board desk into an adorable play kitchen for her son. The details that they included in it are incredible— a nightlight in the oven, a pullout cutting board […]

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How to make a piggy bank out of trash

When my son was born, he got a classic porcelain piggy bank as a gift. It’s adorable and sentimental, but really not very practical for a baby, toddler or even preschooler. It’s on the verge of breaking (after multiple drops in its head), and is taking FOREVER to fill up! My son Jackson is now […]

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make a boat for kids

Make your own sail boat

When life gets crazy and you find yourself overwhelmed, I have a great way to help ease your mind. Stop cleaning. Stop worrying about the bills. Stop surfing Pinterest. Stop fighting. Stop watching TV. It’s time to make a sail boat. And not just any sail boat— the cutest one in the world. Seriously. Jen […]

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rain gutter herb garden

Hanging Herb Garden: A DIY Project

Written by contributor Marieke Beeler of M for Mommy. It’s spring! And just like every year in spring, I uttered the same words this year: “It’d be nice to have my own herb garden.” When I was browsing around on Pinterest, I came across this picture of the perfect hanging herb garden. It was my […]

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Getting to the Bottom of “Organic” – An Unexpected Sweet Potato Experiment

Do you ever wonder, “What is the difference between whole sale organic and health food store organic?” The first thing that comes to my mind is price and convenience. Some people love a good stroll at their local farmer’s market while others prefer to get their grocery needs filled in a one stop shopping location. […]

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wood you be my valentine craft and video

Video: “Wood You Be Mine” Valentine Craft

Make something extra sweet for Valentine’s without the sugar. KK’s Busy Famblog got inspired to create the “Wood You Be Mine” Valentine Craft we featured from Mustard Seeds in our Eco-Friendly Valentine’s round-up. We are so happy to see more families skipping the candy for Valentine’s this year. If you decide to make this craft, […]

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vision board

How to create a vision board in 6 easy steps

Vision boards can be very powerful. The hardest thing to do is create one. It’s one of those projects you know you should do, but then you think about the time it will take to do it, and it just never gets done. It just sits in the back of your mind as another incomplete […]

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wood coasters diy

DIY wood coasters

A large tree branch fell down in one of Florida’s crazy storms we had a few months back. Rather than chuck the branch in the dumpster, we decided to make authentic Florida wood coasters out of it. With as much coffee as we drink, you can never have too many coasters. It was such a […]

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Fabric Gift Wrapping

Fabric Gift Wrapping

House decorated. Gifts made. Ornaments hung on tree. Next comes wrapping those gifts and placing them under the tree. Why not ditch the paper wrapping paper and go for something reusable? Like fabric wrapping paper. I love this idea for many reasons. One, it’s so easy to make. Two, it’s reusable. You can keep the same […]

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How to Make a Driftwood Menorah

Make your own driftwood menorah this Hanukah.

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Update your child’s playroom with this inexpensive DIY!

{ image above: submitted by a Family Sponge reader} We love when we see real moms using resources we love and share. These rain gutters (yes, those are rain gutters you are looking at) are obviously an inexpensive way to display those beautiful book covers. Check out Playroom inspiration where we first introduced rain gutter […]

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