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An almost Father’s Day gift

Written by contributor Melissa Allen of Green Owl Art So here is how it was planned in my head. We would make key chains for Father’s Day. They would be in the shape of keys with little drawings on each and a card attached to read “you hold the key to my heart” (because in this […]

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The importance of pretend play

Written by contributor Melissa Allen of Green Owl Art Something magical happens when children pretend play. Have you ever just stopped and watched a child completely engaged in a new role? It is pretty amazing. Pretend play is such an important learning tool for children. It helps them to grow and mature socially and emotionally, gives […]

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box life

Amazon boxes + imagination = Box Life

I stumbled upon Box Life and am so impressed by the creativity! I love how cardboard boxes can come to life and even invoke emotion in such an unexpected way. With the amount of boxes in our house (from Amazon purchases to Sam’s Club and Costco errands, we could build an multi-generational box family.

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Hair Cut Doll

Written by contributor Melissa Allen of Green Owl Art I knew this day would come. I knew one day my sweet daughter would sneak a pair of scissors and give herself an experimental haircut. I knew this would happen because I can clearly remember the first experimental haircut I gave myself and my neighbor who lost […]

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Mother’s Day Activity : Wall Art

Written by contributor Melissa Allen of Green Owl Art Before I became a mother I never understood the box of childhood art that every mother seemed to have. The kind of art with painted stick people, misspelled words and dried pasta with more paste than pasta on display. I never understood the post-it hanging on the […]

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Painting for Mother’s Day

Written by contributor Melissa Allen of Green Owl Art Dancing is one of our favorite family activities. It makes us smile, laugh, sing and be close as a family. I have been wanting to capture this special time in a piece of art work for myself. So, for Mother’s Day I did it.

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bird nest helper

Bird Nest Helper

Written by contributor Melissa Allen of Green Owl Art Teaching children to love and respect all living things will result in more compassionate men and women. I believe this with all my heart. As a child, my mom would allow us to bring home any stray animal we came across. She helped me to bottle-feed ten […]

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Recycled art: Toilet paper roll crafts for kids

Some days I find it hard to be crafty with the kids– the markers dried up, the tape is gone, there’s no more construction paper, the play dough dried out, the list goes on. But when you change your perspective from only using “craft supplies” to using what you have on hand, the doors of […]

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Trash to Treasure Ideas: Art Recycle Box

Written by contributor Melissa Allen of Green Owl Art. Earth Day is a great time to teach children the responsibility they have to our planet. They are the future and the future starts with us. Let’s get ready to explore some trash to treasure ideas with our kids. I have been talking with Emma and Grayson […]

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reuse cardboard box

Eight awesome things to make with cardboard

People flip houses all the time. Why not flip a cardboard box? Check out these eight incredibly creative ideas that transform potential trash into treasure. Warning: You may start pulling cardboard boxes out of the dumpster after reading this. Fun things to make with cardboard 1. Mailbox: Create a mailbox with your kids and get […]

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play garden

Indoor Play Garden

Written by contributor Melissa Allen of Green Owl Art. It’s an incredible thing to get your children involved in gardening and planting at very young ages. Seeing their wee little hands full of soil, planting seeds and becoming involved and aware of where food and beautiful natural surroundings actually start is such a gift. I think […]

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felt egg

Pocket felt eggs: Eco-friendly Easter

Written by contributor Melissa Allen of Green Owl Art. I am making every attempt to not buy plastic eggs this year. So far, none have crossed my threshold, but many alternatives have. I started working on these felt pocket eggs weeks ago. I am not a sewer. I don’t even own a sewing machine, but […]

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Painted Rock Easter Egg Craft

Easy nature craft for kids: Decorated Easter rocks!

Hi, I’m Krissy from B.Inspired Mama. I was so excited when Jadah invited me to share an easy nature craft idea for kids with you. I thought I’d let you in on one of our Easter painting activities.

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egg sound shaker easter activity for kids

Re-Use Plastic Eggs to Make Cool Musical Sound Shakers

Make musical sound shakers and enhance listening skills with this cool easter egg activity. You get to re-use your plastic eggs and recycle your egg cartons with one awesome easter craft. I pinky promise this activity is quick and easy. We had so much fun making our own egg shakers with different sounds. Zoe was […]

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Friendship Treasure Box

Written by contributor Melissa Allen of Green Owl Art. I remember my friend Ryan recalling his mother using age as an encouragement to make friends, “That boy is eight too, why don’t you go play with him?” Yes, I too am guilty of this, “Emma, look! She has the same shoes as you, I bet […]

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