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How to (really) wash your fruits and veggies

Why should you wash your fruits and veggies before eating, you ask? GERMS! If you skip washing your produce (whether organic or conventional), it’s like letting your kids skip washing their hands before dinner time. To protect your family from consuming any unwanted pesticides, wax and the inevitable bacteria that clings to your fruit from […]

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Funny music video: “Clean like a mother”

I am a long-time fan of Method Products. What I love most is I can let my daughter help me out with chores around the house with their non-toxic all purpose cleaning sprays. Method revolutionizes the cleaning world with stylish, eco-friendly cleaning products made with non-toxic ingredients. Their heavenly smells are endless and I’m a […]

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5 chores your preschooler can do safely

5 Chores Your Preschooler Can Safely Do

This post is brought to you by Method, a socially responsible company that makes non-toxic and sustainable cleaning products that leave your home and your world clean. Kids seem to have a radar for a freshly cleaned surface. Doesn’t it seem that as soon as you wipe down a dirty counter, there’s another sticky handprint in its […]

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eco-friendly gifts and toys that give for toddlers

Eco-Friendly Gifts that Give : Family Gift Guide

Are you a conscious shopper looking for socially responsible and eco-friendly gifts that give back this holiday season? We have the perfect holiday gift guide for babies, toddlers, kids, women, men and even gifts for home. At Family Sponge, we believe in sustainable and socially responsible gift giving for eco-loving families. We are always on the […]

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3 quick & simple tips to relieve holiday mess & stress

This post is brought to you by Method, a socially responsible company that makes non-toxic cleaning products that are good for the earth and good for people against dirty! *image via   Make this holiday season less about mess and more about enjoying quality time with your family. Here are a few clean-up tips to […]

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3 Natural Tips for Healthy Skin this Winter

3 Secret Weapons for Healthy Winter Skin

This post is brought to you by Yes To, an awesome company that makes natural skin and hair care products that actually work. Sign up for their newsletter to receive a special goodie from Yes To. Winter is right around the corner and my skin is already letting me know it needs some extra TLC. As the air gets cooler and the heater kicks on, my skin dries […]

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Simple steps towards natural parenting

This post is brought to you by Yes To, an awesome company that makes natural skin and hair care products that actually work. Sign up for their newsletter to receive helpful tips and a 5% off coupon to use online at Yes To. I am always trying to find more ways my family can help the environment while not breaking […]

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clean cast iron

How to clean cast iron

I’ve been using Teflon pots and pans since my wedding eight years ago. They are scratched and I keep using them. Why? I don’t know. After reading Beth’s article on ways to become a healthier kitchen, it woke me up. Every time I cook eggs or pancakes in those pans, my family could be ingesting […]

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dirty dozen

14 Fruits and veggies you should only buy organic

Organic fruits and vegetables can be pricey compared to their conventionally-grown counterpart. It’s hard for me to pick up a $4 pint of organic strawberries when I see the $.99 sale ones that look even better. Is it really worth spending the extra money on organic? Yes…and no. Dirty Dozen organic produce list The EWG’s 2012 Dirty Dozen organic produce list helps […]

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how to make deodorant

Homemade deodorant with coconut oil

Ditch the TV. Check. Make my own toothpaste. Check. Go poo-free. Sorta check (I tried it for a month, but went back to Yes to). Next on the list: make my own deodorant…and not be smelly. It’s so not worth it if I stink, right?! Well, the recipe below is a winner. After we have put […]

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green living

Green living tips for the kitchen : Pots and pans

Written by Beth Strouse at Sunshine on the Inside Melanoma, Organic Apples and Cast Iron I’m not sure any single event can stimulate significant life changes more than a health scare. I personally found this to be true following a melanoma diagnosis earlier this year which motivated me to seriously analyze and improve my overall […]

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