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Fun Food For Kids

By Britney Manuel of BtanJerine & A Simply Raw Life If you have an Instagram account no doubt you are often inspired by enticing pictures of food photos on your feed.  Amongst some of my favorite foodies, I am forever inspired by the creative genius of @idafrosk, @pomverte, @redhongyi, and Maroondah Yarra Ranges Kids (on […]

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How to Pack a Lunch: Good for the Body and Earth

Written by contributor Angela Stanford, MBA, RD, RYT Registered Dietitian/Holistic Nutritionist & Owner of Vital Nutrition and Wellness. The kids have been back to school now for a few weeks, and already you may be searching for new, healthy ways to pack lunches that are made of whole foods, not processed foods laden with artificial ingredients wrapped in excessive […]

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green fruits and veggies in a muffin tin

How to get your picky child to eat with the Green Food Taste Test!

Some parents are lucky and they have kids that will eat anything. But for most parents they struggle getting fruits and veggies into their kids’ growing bodies. And kids, much like adults, get stuck in a comfort zone– eating what’s familiar to their taste buds. Krissy shares an awesome hands-on activity that worked for her […]

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Parenting Bedtime Battles: How much sleep do kids need a night?

  If you are like me, you may have encountered many nights where your child protests bedtime. How much sleep do kids really need? How do you get your child to sleep at night, sleep in their own bed and sleep through the night? You know, peacefully without a million hugs, bathroom and water breaks, […]

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How to Start a Bedtime Routine for Children

We used to focus on keeping Zoe in her bed all night. But now we just make sure she falls asleep in her bed with a consistent bedtime routine. If she makes a middle of the night creep into our bed, we are okay with a family bed for co-sleeping. It does not disrupt our […]

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eat your veggies celery and carrots snack

Kids Healthy Eating: Show me the veggies!

It’s a struggle feeding my child healthy food all the time. Grocery store battles do happen. I give Zoe a Trader Joes treat– so I can shop in peace. I make promises to myself to not bring her to the store with me, but that’s near impossible. I let my daughter eat sugar-coma cupcakes at birthday […]

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Simple and healthy eating with kids

I asked a good friend of mine to share her story on how she keeps her family eating healthy. Meet my friend Jessica Houk. She teaches Early Childhood Education in Portland, Maine. She lives happily with her daughter, husband and a cat named Lily Serious. *image via Pancakes from scratch Saturday morning during my first […]

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10 Kid-friendly green smoothie tips

How do I get my kids to eat well? How do I get my kids to eat their green veggies? How do I make a smoothie that my child will like? As a parent, I know how challenging it can be to get kids to eat their veggies – especially the green ones. The answer […]

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