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Join our 7-Day Detox Challenge

Tired? Clothes a little snug? Eating foods you shouldn’t be?  We can relate and want to invite you to join us (Jadah and Jen) on a 7-day detox beginning this Sunday (June 10)! It’s going to be a combination of a green smoothies + master cleanse to help rid our bodies of all the junk we have […]

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Master Cleanse: For First-Timers

Why would I want to do that to my body? That is what I thought when Jadah told me she was doing the Master Cleanse. But being the journalist I am, I investigated deeper: I bought the actual book (it is bound by two staples), read tons of blogs and reviews and asked friends about […]

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10 tips to succeed on the Master Cleanse

Here are a few tips that have made me more efficient and focused while on the Master Cleanse. If you prep your ingredients systematically at the start of your cleanse, you will have a much easier time making it to your goal. There will be temptations, but if you establish a routine and stay organized, […]

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Video: How to make the Master Cleanse lemonade

Join us in the Master Cleanse Detox! Here is the video on how to make the simple lemonade recipe for The Master Cleanse. I also share how to take your drink to go. I am just a mom who is on my second round of doing the Master Cleanse detox. The first time I did […]

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Master cleanse recipe

Who is ready to join me in a detox for the new year? I am getting ready to start my second Master Cleanse fast in January. This is the cleanse that I lost 16 pounds in 8 days this past September. The detox was the motivator that pushed me to lose an additional 10 pounds […]

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