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soap mummy

Halloween Craft idea #7: Soap Bar Mummies

These cute little soap bar mummies are right up my alley! I am not much for a spooky halloween— I like cute things and googly eyes are a sure winner in my book. These cute little mummies are the perfect craft for preschoolers—  simple to make and they look great. It’s amazing how many emotions […]

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halloween craft ideas

Halloween Craft Idea #6 : Q-Tip Skeleton

My fascination with anatomy started when my husband and I were dating in college and took a life drawing class together. Now with kids in the picture, we try share our passions with them— and art and anatomy are definitly in the mix. This simple craft really teaches kids a lot about what lies underneath […]

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make halloween princess dress

Make your own fairy-tale tutu

Written by contributor Melissa Allen of Green Owl Art Making Halloween costumes is something I love to do. I can create unique and special attire for my children to wear Halloween night and it teaches them to be creative and resourceful (and that is priceless in my book). I was taught to make a tutu as a […]

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Halloween Craft Idea #5 : Witch’s Broomstick Bag

Make an eco-friendly witch’s broomstick with this fun Halloween favor bag. All you need to make a broomstick are two lunch-sized paper bags, string, and a stick (or tree branch). This craft will inspire some creative flying imagination play. And if you are hosting a Halloween-themed party, this makes the perfect party favor bag. Stuff […]

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Halloween Craft Idea #4: Eggshell Ghost Mobile

Give your child free reign to draw ghost faces on reclaimed eggshells with permanent marker. I love how my daughter gave each ghost face their own unique facial features. This is the perfect Halloween decoration for your home or to hang up in a classroom. Check out how we used dental floss as our string to create […]

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bendable mummy

Halloween Craft idea #3: Bendable Mummy

This is hands-down my favorite Halloween craft we have done this year.  (And we have done quite a few now that we are collaborating with Kiwi Crate!) We took an old stained shirt from my son and cut it into strips. Then we wrapped it around a wire frame that we made from outdoor garden […]

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Top 13 Recycled Halloween Crafts

Time to create some fun trash to treasure art projects with these awesome recycled Halloween crafts. Carving out special crafting time is the perfect way to spend quality time with your child while decorating your home with eco-friendly spooky fun! We scoured the internet for our favorite recycled Halloween crafts because we believe you can do some really […]

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trick or treat bag

Halloween Craft Idea #2: Paper Mache Trick-or-Treat Basket

Are you ready to go trick or treating? Every year we get excited about the costumes and totally forget about the trick or treat bag. Yeah, I’m one of those moms whose “princess” is ringing on doors with a brown paper bag. Well, not this year! I have embraced my inner craftiness and we made […]

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Healthier Pumpkin Seed Recipe

Every Halloween, we carve pumpkins and bake the seeds. And every year we taste a few and throw the rest out. They just never taste that good. Well, not this year! I decided it was time to change up the recipe and see if I could make something that actually tastes good and is a […]

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Halloween Craft Idea #1: Milk Jug Lanterns

We brought down the fall decorations the same day Pumpkin Spice Lattes made their debute at Starbucks and the Halloween craft ideas have been pouring out of us. This is the first year we have gone all out with the crafting—  it’s been a little messy, but a lot of fun. The kids have grown […]

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