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Family Sponge has recently been nominated on SkinnyScoop’s Top 25 Creative Blog list. And if you agree, we’d appreciate you taking a quick moment to vote for our blog.   Vote for Family Sponge as your favorite creative blog Vote for Family Sponge as Your Favorite Creative Blog on the SkinnyScoop (Voting Ends 10/31). The […]

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When a loved one dies

Written by Ozma Bryant I have a five-year-old daughter who recently lost her great-grandfather, the only grandfather I ever knew and loved, and I was tempted numerous times to hide his dying from her. She knew he was sick, but at some point I realized telling her that wasn’t enough. I certainly didn’t want her […]

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car free family

A Car Free Family

Arianna is a Family Sponge contributing writer and I just love everything that she writes, including this article about her journey as a car free family. My husband and I have been on a simple living journey for a few years now, and recently  downsized to a one-vehicle family.  We ride our bikes as much as possible […]

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Explaining September 11 to your kids with a book

Ozma Bryant shares how to talk to kids about the tragic 9/11 attack on September 11, 2001. Explaining September 11 to your kids is not always easy, but it gives you, as a parent, a chance to talk about this tragic moment and how it changed our world and the people who live in it. […]

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children teach us what life is all about quote

How to slow down and be present with your child

Guest post written by Michelle Long, M.A. of Bloom Retreat It seems as though the world around us is speeding up at an accelerated pace. We are rushing from appointment to appointment, taking our kids from one activity to the next, working multiple jobs, and trying to maintain a busy household. Our children are growing […]

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calm down jar

Calm Down Jar

When Melissa of Green Owl Art featured the calm down jar on Family Sponge last spring, I was in love. Not only do I love mason jars, but I love new ways to get my wild children under control. We do time outs and talk it outs, but they don’t always work. Nothing always works, […]

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In her Shoes: When Hope is Taken Away

Guest post written by Arianna Carlson of For the Love of Motherhood From the time we are young we have hopes.  We hope we’ll make friends at school.  We hope the cute boy will ask us out.  We hope to get into college.  We hope we’ll get a good job.  We hope we’ll fall in love, get […]

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Be yourself everyone else is already taken Oscar Wilde quote

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken”

As a mom, I find myself trying to rediscover who I was during my pre-mommy days. All though there are pieces that remain, I find it challenging (okay depressing) to keep up with all of my interests while juggling motherhood. And then add in Pinterest, awesome mommy blogs like The Pioneer Woman, and glaring eyes […]

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The benefits of cloth diapers

Guest post by Wendie Hays of Simple Urban Living When I was pregnant with my first child, I did quite a bit of research on cloth diapers and decided to use them. Everyone thought I was crazy. I was told “That won’t last! You’ll switch to disposables.” Well, now I’m on the tail end of […]

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Taking care of mom

“Remember to secure your own oxygen mask before assisting others with theirs.” That’s the safety protocol on any flight you take. Let’s face it, you aren’t much help in an emergency if you haven’t taken care of yourself first. The same thing applies to parenting. Sure you want your kids to eat healthy, sleep well […]

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Stability in Moving with Children

Guest post written by Arianna Carlson of For the Love of Motherhood Moving to me is like having a fresh start. It’s finding a new home, making new friends, embarking on an adventure. Whether you move around the block, several miles away, clear across the country or world, each move offers new opportunities. I grew up […]

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In her shoes: Pregnancy Shock

My friend Ozma Bryant is bold and courageous when it comes to raising her five-year-old daughter Olivia. And I just love her to pieces.  Ozma wanted to share her journey to becoming a mother. It was not an easy road for little Olivia to come into this world, but she has a dang good mother. […]

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10 Ways to Stop Buying and Start Saving

We started on a “simple living” adventure in 2007 and have learned a few things along the way. One is the difference between our wants and our needs– and we began to shop accordingly. We saved an incredible amount of money, paid off our car and college loans and have the freedom to take risks […]

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5 Reasons to be a TV-free family

We are a TV-free family. That means we don’t have a single TV in our home. For reals. It was a choice we made seven years ago and you can read all about it here. It is one of the best decisions my husband and I made for our family. Was it easy? No, but […]

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Trisomy 21: A Mother’s Journey with Down Syndrome

Kathy Zadak shares her story of having a 2-year old son with Down syndrome. When my son Ryan was three days old, the doctors told my husband and I that our baby boy had been diagnosed with Trisomy 21, Down syndrome. We were crushed. Someone in the genetics lab had made a huge mistake. How […]

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