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Teaching Children to Love

Written by contributor Arianna Carlson of For the Love of Motherhood With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, love is in the air (or at least the commercial aspect of it), so I’ve been thinking a lot about love. What is your child’s understanding of love?  Is it about hearts and chocolates?  Or, more about feelings […]

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Be part of the National Day of Service

Tomorrow is National Day of Service, a day when volunteers all over the country will dedicate a few hours of their time to serving their communities—at food banks, health clinics, park clean-ups, and through thousands of other projects. It’s a tradition started by the first family as a way to honor the legacy of our […]

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Brave Friday: “Share leftovers, play games, enjoy traditions”

We read this pretty amazing call to action from one of our favorite organizations, Story of Stuff. It put me in my place on this whole Black Friday deal. So my family and I are opting-out of Black Friday and embracing Brave Friday with a holiday movie marathon in our pj’s, board games, living room […]

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green living

Green living tips for the kitchen : Pots and pans

Written by Beth Strouse at Sunshine on the Inside Melanoma, Organic Apples and Cast Iron I’m not sure any single event can stimulate significant life changes more than a health scare. I personally found this to be true following a melanoma diagnosis earlier this year which motivated me to seriously analyze and improve my overall […]

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Can Shopping Save the World?

Family Sponge is full of world changers. Yes, you. It might be the small steps you are taking (like buying organic apples or reusing bags) or the bigger steps (like buying second-hand or ditching paper towels). Whatever stage you are in your world-changer journey, we love it and are excited to be on this journey […]

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using cloth napkins in a paperless kitchen

How to be more eco-friendly with a paperless kitchen

Have paper towels become your best friend in the kitchen? You usually use paper towels for just about everything – wiping up the counter, cleaning up pet mess, wiping your kids spaghetti sauce face, cleaning your bathroom mirrors. Have you noticed that paper towels are thin and you have to use a million of them […]

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story of stuff

The Story of Stuff : Making less mean more

Warning: The Story of Stuff Project could cause you to make a pact with your husband to not buy anything new for a whole year, do your shopping on Craigslist and at thrift stores and to cringe when entering Walmart. Is this a joke? Definitely not. I am here to tell you it happened to […]

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Happy Earth Day

Today is a great day to consciously get your family involved in caring for our Earth. Plant a tree, pick up trash in your neighborhood, do a beach clean up, make a birdhouse, recycle more, do an eco-friendly craft, appreciate nature, consciously buy things based on their packaging, the list is endless! Happy Earth Day!

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caine's arcade

Caine’s Arcade : Cardboard box arcade

I just cannot get this story out of my mind! Caine’s Arcade is the creation of 9-year old Caine who spent the summer at his dad’s used auto shop entertaining himself with cardboard boxes. No tv’s, no video games…just scissors, tape and cardboard boxes. It’s a reminder to myself: when we let our kids explore […]

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bald disney princess

Rock out like a princess and donate your hair to children

Thinking about donating hair to an organization like Locks of Love, Pantene Beautiful Lengths or Children with Hairloss? I donated 13 inches of my hair to Beautiful Lengths, and I think it’s a great experience to donate your hair. I recently found out about Children with Hair Loss, and their focus is to help “Cover Young […]

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How to empower young girls: Bald is beautiful on women

Last week, my dear friend Ozma did one of the most bold and courageous acts to help redefine beauty for her daughter Olivia– she cut and shaved her hair off. My husband and I used to work with Ozma in Los Angeles. We even brought newborn Olivia home from the hospital who is just a […]

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team white story child leukemia

A Leukemia Story: Princess & The Pink Hotel

May 25, 2011 was one of the worst days of our lives. Our four year-old daughter, Carmen had a fever and was lethargic that morning. Over the phone, her doctor’s office told me to keep giving her Tylenol and “come in the afternoon.” I knew there was something wrong, really wrong. I said to my […]

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picture frame wall

HOME TOUR: Second-Hand Treasures

Family Sponge is excited to kick off HOME TOUR with the Hansard Family in Wesley Chapel, FL. Ryan and Jen have been on a crazy adventure since last June when they sold their home in California and left for Florida. They drove across the country with their two young kids in an F-150 truck towing […]

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new year 2011 and 2012 on the shore

Hello friend…Happy New Year!

The end of the year always brings a time for reflection. We also get to make space for inspiration on how we want to live our lives. What inspires you? What gets you excited? Jen and I launched Family Sponge in November of this year. We get super excited when we work on this project […]

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a charlie brown christmas tree

Linus shares the true meaning of Christmas

Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas! We are so thankful for our Family Sponge community. One of my favorite movies to snuggle up and watch during Christmas is A Charlie Brown Christmas. We even won a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree this year at a Crabby Christmas party (a very delicious meal with fresh […]

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