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The Solars of the Happy Family Movement on a beach in Caliornia.

Intentional Adventures

Written by contributor Josh Solar of The Happy Family Movement We talk a lot about adventurin’ in our house. Big, grand adventures— like our 5-month trek to Europe happening in late 2014/early 2015. But, sometimes, we get so caught up in trying to adventure HUGE that we miss out on the tiny adventures found wherever/whenever we […]

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5 Reasons to bike to school

Growing up, I never lived close enough to school to walk or even ride our bikes. I feel like I missed out on a part of childhood because of that. Maybe Hollywood has glamorized bike riding childhoods (Sandlot and Now and Then) but I have fallen for it and want my kids to experience the adventure […]

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summer bucket list ideas

25 Summer Bucket List Ideas for Families

Jadah shared her summer bucket list last week and it really inspired me. I have been “thinking about” a bucket list since I fell in love with The Happy Family Movement. “Making” one has been a whole different story. This week, I finally sat down with my family and brainstormed what we would love to do […]

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summer bucket list ideas

30 summer bucket list ideas for summer fun!

Summer is here! I am inspired by The Happy Family Movement to create and display our summer bucket list in our home. This way our summer fun ideas are staring us right in the face all summer long. My list was a lot longer, but I decided to trim it down to make sure we […]

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Bike riding with kids: The Hansard Family

Three months after The Hays family captured my attention with a look inside their bike-riding life, we have become a bike-riding family. Immediately after reading the article Wendie wrote, I wanted to buy a bike and trailer for the kids and hit the road. Well, it would have costed us $1400 to get the bike […]

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How to cool off this summer with kids

Summer time and slip n slides go so well together. We found this one at a garage sale a few months back and I snagged it up, knowing that it would come in handy once the weather warmed up. The kids had some friends join us for an afternoon of fun. They all had such […]

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The Kids of Summer

Summer. Swimming, exploring, star gazing, watermelon, sunscreen, barefoot, bicycles, lemonade stands, rolly pollies, popsicles, tree climbing, bbqs. This is summer to me. This is how I spent June, July and August as a kid; and look forward to reliving it through my own kids.

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indoor picnic

Spring Lunch: An indoor picnic

Written by contributor Marieke Beeler of M for Mommy. With Earth Day on April 22 and spring weather arriving in many parts of the world; it’s time to get outside.  And what better way to be outside than to have a picnic?  A local park, the zoo, local gardens, or simply your back yard are great […]

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geocaching with kids

Geocaching with Kids: The Ultimate Treasure Hunt

Are you ready to take your family on a geocaching adventure? With spring around the corner, now is the perfect time to explore the outdoors and hunt for some treasure. Geocaching with kids is awesome! We have been geocaching since 2006 and absolutely love it. It’s practically free, gets you outdoors and makes you feel […]

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wesley chapel farmers market

Weekend Adventure: Farmer’s Market

Thank you Gabrielle of Design Mom for inviting another series of posts on “Loving the place you live.” I moved to Florida from California eight months ago and am exploring like crazy! Florida hasn’t grown on me easily, which you can read in my last “loving the place you live” post. Yet this week, the farmer’s market […]

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Bike riding with kids: Life in the bike lane

Bike riding with kids Ever thought of trading in your car for your bike? What about with three kids in tow? The Hays family has found a way to make bike riding with kids a part of their DNA and have definitely inspired me. Whether it is commuting to work, running errands or going to church— they […]

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The Dutch Way

Last fall, I had the most amazing opportunity to spend two weeks in the Netherlands with my sister. No kids, no significant others— just sister time. It was long overdue and definitely worthwhile. While biking through the streets of Haarlem, we saw this awesome family bike. I love it! Looks like you can fit an […]

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Craigslist 101: From a mom’s perspective

After I featured my second-hand home on Family Sponge and Design Mom, I received a variety of comments regarding my love for Craigslist. Some people were totally on board and shared stories about things they have scored, while others shared their fear about it. Four years ago, I remember going on my first Craigslist adventure […]

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Christmas Tree Farm Path to Trees Sign

Our Natural Christmas Tree Farm Adventure

Just a little north east of Sacramento, California is a magical place called Apple Hill. What lie in those hills are family traditions just waiting to start. From fruit orchards to wineries and breweries to natural tree farms – this trip can please everyone in the family. George, Zoe and I started a new family […]

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