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Books and Cookies: Yes to literacy!

Unplugging the family is always high on my list. We got rid of our TV 8 years ago, but over the years our home has become filled with different kinds of screens. Say hello to the iPad, the iPhone and my 27-inch iMac. We are a tv-free family who is completely plugged in. So when […]

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St. Augustine with Kids: The Nation’s Oldest City

When you live three hours from the nation’s oldest city, you kinda have to check it out. So last minute, we packed the truck, loaded the kids and spent the weekend in St. Augustine, Fl. Aside from the horrific heat and humidity, we had a great time exploring the historic fort and the quaint oceanside […]

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10 Ways to Enjoy Disney World with Kids

Living in Florida definitely has its perks— and Disney World is high on the list. With the generosity of family and friends, we were able to spend two days at Magic Kingdom and one day at Animal Kingdom.  It was the first vacation we took as a family where we actually felt like we were […]

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Five tips for family road trip fun

Written and photographed by Josh and Jenny Solars of The Happy Family Movement. It’s unfortunate that the family road trip has gone the way of cassette tapes. Sure, there are still families out there that love to go on road trips, but we seem to be in the minority. And hey, I understand… it’s not easy […]

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Top 12 things to bring on a road trip with children

A road trip with kids should be fun! My husband and I have done thousands of miles on the open road and just started adding kids into the road trip mix. These 12 items will help keep the fun level high and also help keep sanity along the way. My hope is that you make […]

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Road trip with kids: Los Angeles, CA to Tampa, FL

Last June, we did the road trip of our lives. We were moving across country and found the cheapest way to do it was ourselves. So we bought a trailer and packed up our belongings and made a road trip out of it. We were crazy. We were wild. And we sure had fun! We […]

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Strawberry Heaven: Plant City, FL

I have moved 11 times in the past 10 years. It’s part of what makes me tick— I always enjoy a new home to decorate and a new town to explore. Yet something about this last move from Southern California to Florida was a little bit harder for me to swallow. I think it’s a […]

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A simple destination wedding: Maui, Hawaii

I got married almost 7 years ago. And honestly I don’t feel the seven year itch coming on either. Maybe because my husband and I decided to scratch each other’s backs and fall in love with one another year after year. Love is a choice. And I am so happy I made the choice to […]

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Neighborhood Tour: Charlottenburg, Berlin

Our very first Family Sponge neighborhood tour is of Charlottenburg, which is a beautiful neighborhood in Berlin, Germany. Founder and hair style enthusiast of Berlin Hair Baby is sharing her neighborhood with us today. So grab your coffee and join us for a stroll through the Berlin streets. Lake Lietzensee This lake is five minutes from […]

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