How to create a vision board in 6 easy steps

vision board "be bold in the dreams you dream for your life"

Vision boards can be very powerful. The hardest thing to do is create one. It’s one of those projects you know you should do, but then you think about the time it will take to do it, and it just never gets done. It just sits in the back of your mind as another incomplete task in your life.

My husband and I started our vision board project in August. We finished at the end of December. We started ignoring the project and chose to watch TV instead of dreaming big. When we first started, I was super excited because my husband was on board to sit down with me and play with scissors, magazines and thumb tacks. Oh, joy!

We went to Michael’s craft store to buy espresso colored cork boards and some fun-looking thumb tacks. I never thought I could love tacks, but I just adore these little guys. So instead of using the ol’ white poster board and tape, I highly recommend using inspiring materials to motivate you to start the project. Plus, you want to hang your vision board, so make it aesthetically pleasing.

vision board fun thumb tacks

Next, we found tons of magazines. Once my husband saw our magazine options, he resorted to the computer. Which when you think about it– is pretty genius. He knew exactly what he wanted, and all he had to do was google image search it and BAM! He just copied his images into a doc, so he could print several images on one page. My husband wants to travel. Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

vision board laptop research

Another thing I never thought of, was dedicating an entire board to people who inspire you.

vision board inspiring people

We had four boards total, so we each got two boards. You want to find images that speak to you and inspire you. I love words, so I cut out a lot of words. I also love space and room to breathe, so I allowed one of my boards to do just that. You don’t need to pack your board instantly. You will find as time goes on, you may want to add a photo, a card, or maybe a drawing from your child to tack on to your board. Now you have your canvas.

“Be bold in the dreams you dream for your life.”

This is what the card says posted on my vision board. I actually found dreaming big to be challenging. When my husband and I decided to complete our vision boards, we wanted to define our goals. We were entering the new year, so we figured writing down our goals would help us pick the final images for our vision boards.

What I didn’t realize is that dreaming big is not that easy. Especially being a parent and trying to just survive and provide for your family. But as the big lifestyle gurus say when pursuing your dreams, “Fail often,” and “What’s the worse that can happen?” Well I have lived both of these out to the max. So I guess I am not too afraid of the worse that can happen scenarios because I’ve been there and done that. Even though it sucks in the moment, you get through it. And I love my husband that much more for taking the risks and failing with me. We’ve done some amazing things in our lifetime.

I feel good about all of my life experiences. They are lessons learned. The best lesson I have learned is that we as adults are just as resilient as our children. We bounce back from mistakes. We grow from our failures. And we overcome adversity and pain with a healing method called time.

vision board with cork on the wall

How to Make a Vision Board

1. Write your goals. We listened to Anthony Robbins’ Awaken the Giant Within to write out our goals. Here are some categories to consider:

  • Personal Goals – self-development, something you would like to learn, spiritual growth, education, health and body
  • Career & Economic – how much money you would like to make, what you would like to invest in, your passion job
  • Adventure & Toys – fulfill your wish list here, home you would like to own, places you would like to visit
  • Contribution – what organizations you would like to support and volunteer for, how you want to give back to your community and the world

2. Gather materials.

  • Blank canvas (poster board or my personal preference – cork boards)
  • Nails and a hammer – I find nails to be better for hanging your boards over adhesive tape. The double sided tape screws up your walls and your boards will fall. At least it happened to us. We had to laugh about how are dreams were falling.
  • Scissors
  • Magazines – Friends and the library are a great resource for getting free magazines. And of course there are always google images you can print out.
  • Tape or thumb tacks
  • Buddy – Find someone to work on this project with. It could be a great date night in with your spouse, or a fun girls night with a friend. You can help one another find images, so you don’t have to both look through the same magazine.
  • Music. Play your favorite music while you do step #3.

3. Cut out images and words. Look through magazines and start cutting out words and images that pop to you. Look for cut outs that inspire you on an emotional level. What would it mean to you if you accomplished this dream? Create a pile of all the cut outs and store in an envelope or folder. When you are ready, you can start step #4.

4. Select and arrange your images. Look through your cut outs and discard the ones you won’t be using. You will start to see that some goals in your life are more important to you right now. Keep those images. Recycle your discard pile and magazines. Now start playing with the images on your board to see where there final placement will be.

5. Display your board. Hang your board in a place you will look at frequently. I have mine above my desk. But the bathroom, or closet could be a good place if you want them hidden from company but in a place you know you will look at everyday. Or go ahead and be bold and display them in your living room or kitchen!

6. Look at your board daily. This step is the most important. I noticed I took the time to hang up our vision boards, and then I wasn’t even looking at them. I placed them right where I work everyday above my desk. But I get so consumed in working, I forget to glance up at my dreams. So take a moment to look at your vision board everyday. Take in each word and image and reflect on your life and intentions. This task will really put your focus and motivation in check for the day.

Remember this project is about you. Let it reflect your true intentions for the year. Listen to your deepest desires and focus on displaying your “heart” goals. You deserve the best life!

Speak your mind…

Have you created a vision board yourself? Feel free to be bold and share your dreams in the comments below. I would love to hear about them.


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5 Responses to How to create a vision board in 6 easy steps

  1. Norma January 13, 2012 at 10:47 am #

    I love this idea & have been meaning to do one especially because I decided this year to do some big decisions & cut out other things. I am definitely going to make mine visually pleasing as the suggestions you advised because it makes it more exciting. It’s time to write, cut, post it up & make it happen. Thank you for sharing! 🙂

    • Jadah Sellner January 13, 2012 at 10:56 am #

      I’m so excited you will be working on one. It’s nice to look at all the positive things you want to bring into your life. Please feel free to come back and share when you’ve done it.

      • Norma January 16, 2012 at 3:16 pm #

        Most definitely Jadah! 🙂

  2. Popo Joy January 13, 2012 at 1:35 pm #

    Awesome! What your mind repeatedly sees, it believes! A share that can change lives.

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