Halloween Craft idea #3: Bendable Mummy

bendable mummy

This is hands-down my favorite Halloween craft we have done this year.  (And we have done quite a few now that we are collaborating with Kiwi Crate!) We took an old stained shirt from my son and cut it into strips. Then we wrapped it around a wire frame that we made from outdoor garden wire. That’s its! Simple, fun and interactive. I love moving the bendable mummy around the house and bending him into new positions— it brings back the days of Gumby.

For a step by step tutorial, head on over to Kiwi Crate‘s Two-Ingredient Tuesday post.

bendable mummy


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  1. Joy Beyond Fifty October 10, 2012 at 8:36 am #

    I’m going to do this at my son’s upcoming birthday party, just before Halloween. Will make great party favors for the boys. Thanks for sharing this fun idea 🙂

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