5 Ideas for reusing plastic eggs

re-using plastic easter eggs

Easter is over and our house is scattered with plastic eggs. Crazy thing is— we didn’t buy ANY plastic eggs. Yet from the egg hunts and sunday school classes, we have managed to collect 47 plastic eggs. Rather than throw them away (which is really tempting), why not try out some of these creative ideas on reusing plastic eggs.

1. Paper mache easter eggs: Transform those plastic eggs into beautiful home decor with this easy to do project from That Artists Woman.

2. Front door wreath: Spray paint those vibrant eggs and turn them into spring eggs. Add them to a front door wreath that you can easily make yourself with this tutorial from A Diamond in the Stuff.

3. Tealight display: Turn those eggs into a serene candle display with this genius idea by TaylorMade. I love the wood plank under it— just adds the right amount of textural contrast.

4. Twine-wrapped eggs: Cover the plastic eggs with twine to create some spring home decor at an insane price. All you need is twine, plastic eggs and hot glue. Head on over to Domestically Speaking for a tutorial.

5. Musical sound shakers: Transform those plastic eggs into musical shakers for your kids. Its simple, quick and a great activity for kids. For some great ideas of what to put in the eggs, click here.

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