DIY Eco-friendly Party Poppers

diy Party Poppers

Need a gift idea for your birthday guests?  Why not make some eco-friendly party poppers with the kiddos? Best part is they are made from things you have around your house— toilet paper rolls and newspaper. I did this with my son and he had a blast packing the toilet paper rolls full of treats. We bought stickers, temporary tattoos and corn-syrup free candy as our treats of choice.

Our step by step party popper tutorial is featured at Kiwi Crate, a great website for kid-friendly crafts.

We have been working with them for the past few weeks and just gotta tell you— Kiwi Crate rocks!!! Check out their monthly crates delivered right to your door for only $19.95 (you can get 25% off your first crate by clicking here.)

diy Party Poppers

Make sure to check out our Eco-Friendly Birthday Party Ideas article— we have some really cool ideas to make your party stand out (in a good way!).


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