Eco-Friendly Craft: St. Patrick’s Day Charm Necklace

Written by contributor Melissa Allen of Green Owl Art.

I love celebrating holidays and I try to teach my children the meaning of each of these special days. Sometimes, there are some really wonderful things to learn about a holiday you may have never even known. I think it is important to embrace these days as much as possible, but to also teach our children why we do.

I have to admit, I never really read the story of Saint Patrick until recently when I wanted to teach Emma what all this green was about.  I have to say I am excited to celebrate this man—that despite years in slavery, St. Patrick kept his strong faith and helped others to do the same. It is inspiring and definitely a reason to celebrate! If you are long overdue to find out more about Saint Patrick, here is the story I found along with some fun facts about the holiday over at Kaboose.

Now that we have much to celebrate, let’s do some holiday crafts for the occasion. Today we made charm necklaces to wear on March 17. Let’s get our green on!

Materials needed:
an empty gallon of milk
permanent markers
hole punch


Once you drank a whole lot of milk and washed and dried the container, you can start to cut out your charms. The easiest way to do this is to cut the container into a few big pieces, which makes it  easier to handle and cut small charms out of. (I cut all the charms out for Emma and then she used our big basket of colorful sharpies to decorate them.)

Allow the marker to set and dry for a few minutes after. Once dry, punch holes and have your child thread in their preferred charm order onto the yarn. Now we have our green to wear! Check out another craft that will help you get your green on, over at Green Owl Art!

What are some ways you will be celebrating St Patrick’s Day with your children?

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