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Get ready for some incredible recipes from Family Sponge’s newest contributing writer, Marieke Beeler (pronounced “Ma + REE + kuh”). Marieke gets a thrill out of searching for recipes, trying them out, and writing about them on her addictive blog, M for Mommy. She is developing her own “scrumptiousness” and luckily has four hungry mouths that will try it all. So get ready for a wide variety of recipes, ranging from healthy, scrumptious recipes to the occasional sinful indulgence airing every Thursday on Family Sponge!

Born and raised in a beautiful small village in the center of The Netherlands, Marieke loves to travel and has lived in many different places in Europe. In 1999, she moved to Boston and in 2001 decided she also wanted some West Coast Experience (and, boy, did she get it!). This is where she met her future husband David. They got married and she happily accepted the fact that the “moving-from-country-to-country-phase” was over. At least, until the children have moved out.

Marieke has two toddler boys: Kai (4) and Ryder (2), who are everything toddler boys should be: full of energy, frequently up to mischief and fascinated with dirt. Add two male Australian Shepherds to the mix plus her husband — Marieke’s focus is now on keeping the household running smoothly, organizing it to the best of her ability, while attending to the ever-hungry mouths.

We like to eat in our family. Good thing I like to cook. I love to make drinks. I love to bake. I love it all. The kitchen is my “haven” and accompanied with the occasional glass of Mommy Juice, I try to maintain my sanity. — Marieke Beeler

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2 Responses to Say hello to Marieke Beeler

  1. Marieke April 4, 2012 at 4:24 pm #

    Yay!! I am so happy to be part of the Family Sponge Family!!! I look forward to sharing some of my favorite recipes with all of you. [insert: happy dance].

  2. Jadah Sellner April 4, 2012 at 5:57 pm #

    I will do the happy dance with you! Your recipes look so yummy! So excited to share them on Family Sponge. 🙂

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