How to (really) wash your fruits and veggies


Why should you wash your fruits and veggies before eating, you ask? GERMS!

If you skip washing your produce (whether organic or conventional), it’s like letting your kids skip washing their hands before dinner time.

To protect your family from consuming any unwanted pesticides, wax and the inevitable bacteria that clings to your fruit from the farm or in the grocery store, you have to wash your produce– and good. And a bonus to using a fruit + veggie spray is that the spray helps food last up to 200% longer (based on independent lab tests and results based on specific microbial testing). Also, because the spray inhibits browning, kids may be more likely to eat fruits/veggies that they would otherwise resist. Pretty awesome, right?

We’re excited to share with you how to wash your produce with the help of our good friends The Honest Company! We’re partnering with them in this sponsored post because their biodegradable fruit + veggie wash really gives you squeaky clean produce.

We were on the hunt for a simple fruit and veggie wash that would be quick, easy to use and good to our environment. The Honest Company sent us their 100% non-toxic Honest Fruit + Veggie Wash and cleaning accessories, which are bright, beautiful and colorful, but also all natural and safe for plant-based cleaning.

It’s time to say hasta la vista to waxy fruit layered in pesticides, bacteria, toxins and unwanted chemical gunk. Let’s get started!


How to really wash an apple




These can be the waxiest of the bunch and since the skin is so full or fiber, you want to scrub these little guys.

1. Spray with fruit + veggie wash generously and let sit for 1-2 minutes
2. Scrub well with a bristle brush (We love this bamboo brush)
3. Rinse well with water


How to get squeaky clean carrots




Root veggies that grow in the ground, like carrots, need an extra scrub to remove excess dirt or hard-to-remove microbes.

1. Spray with fruit + veggie wash generously and let sit for 1-2 minutes
2. Scrub well with bristle brush (We love this bamboo brush)
3. Rinse well with water

How to properly wash potatoes





Whether you peel your potatoes or keep the skin on, you want to still wash them well. Even if you’re removing the skin, an unwashed potato can transfer bacteria from the outside of the potato onto the peeled veggie. The same goes for any fruits and veggies that you’re slicing.

1. Spray with fruit + veggie wash generously and let sit for 1-2 minutes
2. Scrub well with bristle brush (We love this bamboo brush)
3. Rinse well with water
4. Pat dry with a towel


How to properly wash spinach



For lettuces and other leafy greens, you want to spray, wash and pat them dry.

1. Place your leafy greens in a colander
2. Spray with fruit + veggie wash generously
3. Rinse well with water

TIP: Say goodbye to soggy, spoiled leafy greens! To keep your leafy greens fresher longer, store them in you fridge in an airtight container placed between paper towels. Or freeze them in a freezer-safe bag (yup, you can freeze your leafy greens).


How to properly wash strawberries



Place your strawberries in a colander and rinse water over them (don’t fully submerge them in water).

1. Place your strawberries in a colander
2. Spray with fruit + veggie wash generously
3. Rinse well with water

These delicate berries need a little extra lovin’ to prevent mold, so they last longer. Honest spray helps do just that. Rinse berries right before you’re ready to eat them.



If pesticides don’t scare you…

Think about all of the different hands that have picked it up your produce and put it down at the grocery store or Farmer’s Market! Yikes!


Family Sponge readers can enjoy $10 off a minimum purchase of $40 using the code HonestlyFamily.* Get your hands on The Honest Company’s natural and plant-based Fruit + Veggie Wash, plus dish brush here.


PS: The Honest Company is an incredible company that we LOVE to support. They donate products, time, and money to charitable organizations that address social and health issues impacting families in need. Their current charitable partner is Baby2Baby. Let’s help absorb the good!

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  1. berfin kalay May 2, 2014 at 7:25 am #


    I wonder how should we clean these natural brushes properly, not to spread the pesticides from one veggie to another.


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  4. Emmerey Rose April 24, 2017 at 1:50 am #

    Sounds interesting! I haven’t used a product like that yet. I have washing my fruits and vegetables by simply rinsing and scrubbing dirt off. I think I need this products. Do they sell internationally? Would love to know. Thanks!

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