Introducing the Green Smoothie Challenge eBook!



Do you struggle getting your kids to regularly eat green vegetables– especially the leafy kind?

Jen and myself (Jadah) just got finished hosting a 30-Day Green Smoothie Challenge on our website Simple Green Smoothies.

For 30 days of January, we shared inspiring photos and green smoothie recipes on Instagram, Facebook and with those who signed up for our challenge through email.

Here’s the amount of green smoothie lovin’ we shared with our communities (and it’s still growing):

That’s a total of 108,479 RAWsome people (and that’s not including spouses, partners and kids)!!!

The great thing about green smoothies– you can replace them as a meal (breakfast is my green smoothie meal time) and kids love them too! So now you can feel good about getting your children to eat their fruits and leafy green vegetables everyday. And for those kids who don’t like the green color, serve the smoothies in a concealable kids cup with a straw!


So if you’re ready to replace at least one meal a day with a nutrient packed green smoothie and get your kids on board. You’ll find the recipes, tips and challenges in our guide here at just $5 for a limited time– click the link for more details.

Purchase the 30-Day Green Smoothie Challenge

If you want to join our next live smoothie challenge, sign-up by clicking the link below:

April 1 -30, 2013 Green Smoothie Challenge! 

What moms are saying about the challenge

“My 17 year daughter, 14 year daughter, 8 year son and 4 year daughter LOVE them. My 4 year daughter always asks if she can have some more of the Green drink.” -Cynthia Salinas Montana

“My 4 year old and I made the strawberry, banana, blueberry green smoothie for the family this morning. Both of my little ones (4 and 18 months) enjoy the green smoothies we make but their favorite is the beginner’s luck recipe. They don’t eat their vegetables often so I’m beyond excited that they drink the smoothies.” -Jasmine Hogan

“2 years and we always have problems with breakfast. Now I’m super happy because if she doesn’t drink her smoothie or doesn’t want anything for breakfast, I offered a green smoothie and everyone is happy!” -Gloribel Gonzalez Guzman

“My 14month old daughter is loving the challenge too! This morning I got her on video with her spinach, romaine, almond milk, blueberry, dark cherry, banana, agave syrup and flaxseed smoothie goatee.” -Hillary Parlow

“My son is 6 and looooves mommy’s smoothies, he even makes them with me! Thanks for the new smoothie recipe we will be trying it!” -Passion Ridley

“We have been enjoying the green smoothie challenge! The whole family loves them…ages 5, 2, and nursing 5 mo old with no complaints.” -Rashae Doyle

9 Responses to Introducing the Green Smoothie Challenge eBook!

  1. Felicia February 1, 2013 at 10:17 am #

    What a great month! The green smoothie movement is only going to grow. Thanks for being one of the leaders in it! xF

    • Family Sponge February 5, 2013 at 12:12 pm #

      Thanks Felicia!

  2. Trina Cress February 4, 2013 at 1:18 pm #

    I’m not sure how I missed you guys have a whole Web site full of green smoothie love?! So fun. I love green smoothies–mostly because I’ve always been a picky-eater, and it makes me so excited to know I’m helping teach my kids how delicious eating green can be. Keep up your awesome work!

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