The Winter Season: How to survive tough times in this current economy

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Do you ever feel like the current economy is shaking your whole well-being and family life? I know raising young kids can add an extra financial strain to the budget at home. That’s why I like sites like Money Saving Mom which inspires you to make smarter decisions when it comes to your spending habits and family budget– especially during a recession. Tony Robbins calls our current economy, “winter.”

Life has seasons. And as Tony Robbins and Oprah discuss in the video below, there is no way of getting around the seasons. You must go through the seasons whether you like it or not. Tony says now is the time to discover how strong you are. These winter moments when you have very little is the time to really connect with your kids, your body, your passion and your relationships.

I am on a mission to improve my overall health, connect with my husband, achieve balance in my routines and raise a happy and compassionate daughter. Oh, and I also want to have a perfect job that I love and pays the bills too. But sometimes stress and worry get the best of me. I sulk and throw pity parties for myself. I get frustrated about losing our first condo last year and the insurmountable debt we got trying to hold onto our home. And now I vow to never own a piece of real estate again. The economy has definitely played a few mind games with me on what I thought was supposed to be the perfect life.

I make imaginary wish lists of things I will buy and things I will do when I get “X” amount of dollars again. But in my heart, I know I have everything I could possibly ever need. But why do I hunger for more? Isn’t this desire for wanting more the root of what is causing all the stress and anxiety?

Tony Robbins mentions that we are all going to experience extreme stress in our lives. What makes the difference is what you decide to do in those moments of stress and how you react right after you ride the storm. Do you throw a pity party, become helpless and accept your own destiny? Or do you grow, become a stronger person and create your own destiny?

I am hoping the video below inspires you the way it inspired me. Just a little winter wake-up call to move forward with a little extra zest in your  life. Get ready to rock and roll for spring!


Oprah’s Next Chapter: Tony Robbins on Weathering Tough Times

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Some positive takes from the video:

  • winter doesn’t last forever
  • get close to your family
  • study like crazy
  • no problem is permanent
  • focus on post traumatic growth
  • discover how strong you are

We all have to go through winter to get to a better season in our lives. And spring is just around the corner– March 20, 2012 is the Spring Equinox! Would you agree with Tony Robbins? Are we in a financial winter? Have you experienced a stressful “winter” in your own life? Did you get through it and discover how strong you really are? Share your story in the comments below.

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3 Responses to The Winter Season: How to survive tough times in this current economy

  1. Jen Hansard March 12, 2012 at 10:26 am #

    Every couple years, my husband and I go through a “winter season in our relationship”. It always seems to happen in autumn and we are just exhausted and emotionally detached. We aren’t sure if it is just recovering from a busy summer, or that the weather has turned sour, or who knows what. Yet, we both know it is a season and we work to get it over with sooner rather than later. For us, that is just communicating, taking breaks and just working through the season as hard as it may be. I must add that it makes spring that much sweeter after you have had a rough winter!

  2. Popo Joy March 13, 2012 at 9:20 am #

    I love looking at changing times we go through, as seasons. At fifty, today, I have encountered many seasonal changes throughout my life. Some of them, harsh winters, some of them lovely spring. I can honestly say that struggling through many harsh winters, gave me much of the strength and knowledge that I possess today.

    More than 20 years ago I attended a live, weekend seminar with Tony Robbins, that concluded in my fire walking. To this day, I remember that the method of getting everyone to walk across the hot coals was for us to imagine “cool moss”. I came away with an understanding that when life feels like you are walking on hot coals, by changing your prospective, you have the power to transform whatever hot coals lay before you, into your own cool moss.

    Life is a journey, with changing seasons…embrace each moment, because our lifetime is a brief one, and a true blessing.

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