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Hello healthy friend! Are you feeling low on energy? Have you been stuffing your face with your kid’s leftovers over the kitchen sink? Or maybe you’ve been sneaking into the bathroom to devour that chocolate all to yourself (when nobody’s looking of course). Do you drink way too much caffeine? Are your clothes hugging you just a little bit tighter these days?

As a busy mom, I can say yes to all of those answers. My body has seen better days. But sometimes exercise and eating right does not get me out of my funk. And for some reason chasing my child around doesn’t burn as much calories as it should.

I’d heard of the Master Cleanse aka “The Beyonce Diet”, and I’ve seen the lemonade concoction. But I never really thought I could commit to a fast where I do not get to chew on food. Yikes!

Then one day I did it. And I liked it. And I felt really good about myself and my body. I cleansed my body of toxins, lost some weight and felt so energized by completing the Master Cleanse. It’s the only thing that’s worked for me to start adopting healthier eating habits.

We invite you to join the Family Sponge community in a Master Cleanse detox. Below, we have organized our Master Cleanse articles, to help you get started on detoxing your body:

Master Cleanse

Master Cleanse Recipe
Master Cleanse: For First-Timers
Video: How to Make the Master Cleanse Lemonade
10 Tips to Succeed on the Master Cleanse

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