No Sleep For the Weary


Written by contributor Arianna Carlson of For the Love of Motherhood


I’ve never been a good sleeper.  I’m a morning person and night owl, all rolled into one.  But when I became a mom, the insomnia really took over, and I can’t even blame it on motherhood.

As a newborn, my son was a great sleeper.  He put himself on a schedule and slept through the night at six weeks.  I was lucky, but I guess that lack of sleep was a consequence of the responsibilities of parenthood, more than the actual physicality of it all.

I enjoy my quiet evenings after both my husband and son have fallen asleep.  We all know as mothers, whether you’re a stay-at-home or working mom, we have little time for ourselves.  The spare moments we do find in a day are quickly filled with things that need to get done.  Nap times are spent cleaning, doing laundry or making dinner (okay, I’m not much of a cleaner, so that’s not my excuse.)  We trade in getting our nails done to finger-painting; lunches with girlfriends to play dates at the park; and nights out at the movies to story telling at bedtime.

So, it’s those moments, after the house is quiet that I can sit down and find the time for me. 

Unfortunately, this is also precisely the time that my mind goes into overtime and I become preoccupied with thoughts of what needs to be done, and then: How will it all get done?

We’ve probably all been there; you’ve watched the clock for the third time in ten minutes.  It’s just past two in the morning and you start calculating how many hours of sleep you can still get before you have to get up in the morning.  You’ve tried meditating, reading, giving up coffee… yet sleep still won’t come easily to you.  So what do you do?

Because I struggle, clearly, with an “open” mind and letting my thoughts run wild.  That’s why I’m here, in fact, because I can’t stop thinking when I should be sleeping…


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