Top 15 Must-Have Baby Products

Jasmine Carr-Edmund has the sweetest little 19-month-old daughter named Aubrey. Jasmine and I have known each other since we were nine-years-old. And now we are mommies immersed in the world of all things parenting. I asked Jasmine to share her list of favorite must-have baby products that she used as a first-time mommy. These are her “can’t live without” items:

What You Need for a Baby

1. White noise machine with projector: I have used both the Lullaby relaxation sound machine with projector and the SPA relaxation machine. Similar in name but the lullaby machine is catered more towards baby with Sounds like mothers heartbeat and lullabies (hence the name). It also has a built in projector with 3 discs to help soothe baby during nap, bedtime or quiet time. With projectors you don’t have to worry about the choking hazards or overstimulation of crib mobiles. I LIVE by this sound spa and so does Aubrey. It’s definitely a comfort for her, I don’t leave home without my Homedics SoundSpa and if I did, I would head to target to purchase ASAP. It does an excellent job of blocking out distracting noises and allows me to get things done around the house: dishes, cleaning or having a phone conversation without having to worry about waking her. My all time must have.

2. Boppy: This is GREAT for breastfeeding but I honestly use it more as a soft cushion to prop her up on– both her Tummy & back during play time or if I need to take a shower or do other things around the house (of course she is always on the floor). I feel like it helps a lot to increase her neck and upper arm strength in the first 6 months of life. Babies R Us and Target carry the cutest boppy covers. I would splurge on 3 or 4 of these to cut down the need to wash.

3. Cuisinart smart stick hand blender: My aunt blessed me with this as a baby shower gift, and it has quickly become my right hand man as I introduce Aubrey to solid foods. Instead of making her separate meals, I am able to take whatever I make for dinner (chicken, rice, fish, etc.) and give it to the little one in purée form. It feels good to know exactly what is going into your little ones tummy, it also allows you more opportunity to introduce them to a wider range of different textures and spices that you don’t always receive from jarred baby foods.

4. Pac n’ Play: My crib away from home! I am always on the go– and that is an understatement. Aubrey’s pac n play allows us to go anywhere and gives her the familiarity she needs to take her naps and go “night-night” without the anxiety of being in a new space.

6. Bumbo: I use the bumbo mainly to keep Aubrey stationary when I need to take a shower or complete other tasks around the house. I also use it as a chair when I feed her solids since she doesn’t yet need the tray on the high chair. The bumbo is also super easy to take for travel when going to family and friends.

7. Bright starts ingenuity Infant swing & bouncer: This is the only bouncer I found that actually bounces by itself without mom or dad’s assistance. It also has a timer & music which both really help to soothe baby during fussy moments. Purchasing both the swing and bouncer isn’t really necessary since they play the same music and have the same calming effect. But I will say it was nice to have the option of taking the bouncer with me on the go. Again, I’m a mama on the go, so items ideal for travel are definitely at the top of my list.

8. Baby gym (floor mat with toys for play & tummy time): I love my baby gym because it is convenient for travel (seems to be my theme) and Aubrey plays for hours if I let her. With her being entertained by the bright colors and dangling toys I am able to relax a bit or get things done around the house and once you become a mommy, time for both of these is a luxury!

9. HALO Sleepsack Wearable blanket: I am always so concerned with Aubrey being cold in the middle of the night, but I am also fearful that a blanket at night would become a suffocation hazard. These sleepsacks eliminate both problems. Aubrey was nice and cozy, and I can sleep knowing the blanket will not end up over her head. I recommend 3 or 4 so you don’t have to wash every day. The cotton is breathable so you can use with the swaddle and not worry about the baby overheating.

10. Philips Avent Soothie – Binky!: (you can never have enough until you want to get rid of the damn thing) The nurses in the NICU started Aubrey off on these pacifiers right from the start, so I figured these were the best for her. I did try others simply because I received plenty from family and friends during my baby showers, but Aubrey would only take the soothie, so we went with it and it has become her best friend.

11. Triple paste medicated diaper rash ointment: Triple paste medicated diaper rash ointment:: This product far surpasses Desitin. I’ve never seen anything work so fast to cure a diaper rash. Fortunately for us, Aubrey has only had 2 thus far but one of those was extremely stubborn and all of the Desitin in the world would not make a difference. One night with triple paste ointment and she woke up diaper rash free! At even the smallest sign of irritation I use this to nip it in the bud, and it works like a charm… Smooth baby bum!

12. Aquaphor healing ointment: Aubrey has eczema. Using Aquaphor in conjunction with a warm bath makes her eczema almost non existent and leaves her sensitive baby skin extremely moisturized. This can also double as a diaper creme since it acts as a skin protectant.

13. Video monitor: I actually found my video monitor on the fluke while looking through the newspaper. I think it was more of a security system because I was able to use my TV as the monitor. This is definitely a must have. I was able to look in on my daughter without having to open her door and take the chance of waking her up from a peaceful 3 hour afternoon slumber.

14. Munchkin Formula Dispenser: (if formula feeding, proportioned scoops) This was such a space saver in the diaper bag and on the go. It holds up to 3 feedings and the dispenser allows you to pour directly into the bottle, eliminating the possibility for spills. Much more convenient than lugging around a can of formula.

15. Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bags: I am admittedly the most unorganized, unprepared, always running late mommy I know! There have been plenty of times when my last minute rushing caused me to completely forget about preparing a diaper bag for the day. Always having the second diaper bag packed & ready to go in the trunk saved me on numerous occasions, especially during the first year of mommyhood when your mind & body are still trying to play catch up!


What things would you add to this list? Share below so we can help new parents navigate through the millions of baby products to the top “tried and true ones”.

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2 Responses to Top 15 Must-Have Baby Products

  1. Sandy June 14, 2012 at 3:19 pm #

    As a first-time Mommy (September 2009) and soon-to-be Mommy again (July 2012), my must-have/can’t live without list includes the following which are similar to what has been listed above: Gentle Giraffe plush sound machine and Gentle Giraffe on the Go (travel-size plush sound machine) we didn’t leave home without from Cloud B (most are familiar with the Sleep Sheep), My Brestfriend nursing pillow for when infant is still newborn/small and then once too long for that pillow, Bosom Baby L-shaped pillow from Luna Lullaby, playmat/baby gym, bouncer, swing (full-size for home, which we also used for feeding before baby was using high chair) and travel swing (we used to take ours with to the beach), and Halo Sleepsack. In addition, living in Hawaii flannel blankets were too hot and we loved muslin swaddle blankets (which I was also able to use as a breathable nursing cover) and BeBa Bean bamboo swaddle blanket. We highly recommend Organic Ergo baby carrier (we have two). If you plan to nurse, having a quality pump is essential. I love my Medela Freestyle hands-free Breast pump.

    • Sandy June 14, 2012 at 3:23 pm #

      We also used to take our PeaPod Plus (tent with UV protection and travel cushion) with us to the beach.

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