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5 Reasons to bike to school

Growing up, I never lived close enough to school to walk or even ride our bikes. I feel like I missed out on a part of childhood because of that. Maybe Hollywood has glamorized bike riding childhoods (Sandlot and Now and Then) but I have fallen for it and want my kids to experience the adventure […]

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Bike riding with kids: The Hansard Family

Three months after The Hays family captured my attention with a look inside their bike-riding life, we have become a bike-riding family. Immediately after reading the article Wendie wrote, I wanted to buy a bike and trailer for the kids and hit the road. Well, it would have costed us $1400 to get the bike […]

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Bike riding with kids: Life in the bike lane

Bike riding with kids Ever thought of trading in your car for your bike? What about with three kids in tow? The Hays family has found a way to make bike riding with kids a part of their DNA and have definitely inspired me. Whether it is commuting to work, running errands or going to church— they […]

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